Trump responds to reports that he’s fallen asleep in court

Trump responds to reports that he’s fallen asleep in court

The ongoing legal battle involving former President Donald Trump has taken an unexpected turn as reports surface alleging that Trump may have been caught napping during court proceedings. A recent CNN video transcription captures the essence of this controversy, providing insights into Trump’s response and the broader implications for his defense strategy.

Opens with a focus on the courtroom dynamics, highlighting the cross-examination of Keith Davidson, the former attorney for Stormy Daniels. However, attention quickly shifts to Trump’s reaction to reports suggesting that he had fallen asleep during court proceedings.

Trump takes to his social media platform, Truth Social, to refute these allegations, asserting, “I don’t fall asleep during the crooked DA’s witch hunt, especially not today.” He goes on to explain that he simply closes his eyes at times to listen intently, dismissing the notion of dozing off.

CNN’s discussion panel, featuring reporter Elana Treene and Republican strategist David Urban, provides context to Trump’s response and examines its potential impact on public perception.

Urban interprets Trump’s tweet as an attempt to downplay the situation and assert control over the narrative. By addressing the allegations head-on and framing them within the context of the ongoing legal battle, Trump aims to maintain his image as a vigilant and engaged participant in the trial.

Treene offers insights from her interactions with Trump supporters, indicating that while some dismiss the trial as a sham, others express curiosity about its implications. However, there is a consensus among Trump’s base that the trial’s significance may not alter their overall opinion of him.

The discussion also touches upon Trump’s careful adherence to the boundaries set by the court’s gag order. While he refrains from directly attacking key figures involved in the trial, such as the district attorney and the judge, Trump leverages his social media platform to challenge the narrative surrounding the proceedings.

Overall, the transcription sheds light on the multifaceted nature of Trump’s response to the allegations of courtroom napping. It underscores his ongoing efforts to shape public perception and maintain a proactive stance in the face of legal scrutiny.

As the trial unfolds, Trump’s engagement with the proceedings, both in the courtroom and on social media, will continue to be closely scrutinized. The ramifications of his defense strategy, particularly in the court of public opinion, remain to be seen, but one thing is certain: the drama surrounding Trump’s legal battles shows no signs of abating.

Former President Donald Trump said on social media that he didn’t fall asleep in court — he just sometimes closed his eyes. Trump has repeatedly closed his eyes and leaned back during the trial. #CNN #News


Trump responds to reports that he’s fallen asleep in court


Right now, the defense is cross-examining the former attorney for Stormy Daniels. Trump, however, appears concerned about reports that he’s falling asleep just before a court resumed. Moments ago, he posts on Truth Social the following quote, I don’t fall asleep During the crooked DA’s witch hunt, especially not today.

I simply closed my beautiful blue eyes sometimes listen intensely and take it all in three exclamation points. Joining us joining us now is a reporter, Elana Treene, who’s been following the Trump campaign here this entire campaign. And CNN political commentator, Republican strategist and former Trump campaign adviser David Urban.

All right, so, David, you know, I have to say, I was in the courtroom the other day and I saw him lean back sometimes closing. I saw that I actually just something going to take this very seriously for one second and say I did not appear to be that he was ever sleeping. He was paying attention just in various positions.

However, the way he chooses to do this and focus on his beautiful blue eyes and the optics he cares about the optics, David. Yeah. Look, it’s that’s a classic.

Trump got a tweet right about this. He’s trying to make light of the situation a little bit and say, look, I’m not sleeping. Although I have to say sitting there for hours and hours and hours without a Diet Coke, it’s probably killing them.

And probably killing them is usually, I’m sure, very caffeinated during the day and is, As folks who know, drink Cokes and Diet Cokes. If you’re missing one or two a day, let alone I’m sure he’s missing probably about ten a day, it’s probably a rough I will say, you know, the other day, the time when they played a C-SPAN video of Trump and there’s a screen right in front of him. And at that point, David, he’s leaning in really close to look at it.

You know, there were moments when he’s incredibly engaged in paying attention. But but but but frequently talking to his lawyers. Again, it certainly doesn’t seem like he’s sleeping.

But Elaina you know, all of this is to the David’s point. He’s spending his entire day sitting in a courtroom in a deeply uncomfortable chair. And you’re on the campaign trail where he isn’t.

So what are you hearing from voters about this trial? They are paying attention to it. Do they care about it?

Do they notice that he’s not out with them? You know, it’s really interesting. I actually I was in Wisconsin yesterday for the first of two of Donald Trump’s rallies.

And I asked voters that exact question. I asked many of them, are you paying attention to this trial? What do you make of it?

The majority of them And of course, these are Trump supporters, the type of people who show up on a Wednesday take off work to go to his campaign events. The majority of them said we’re not really paying attention. I don’t think there’s any point to this.

They couldn’t even really tell me what the trial was about, except to say that they think it’s a sham And that they don’t think it’s worth their attention. But there also some other Trump supporters who said, look, I think, you know, I am watching this. I sometimes watch CNN and I watch it on Fox News and they said they repeated the same lines that we hear from Donald Trump.

Now, apart from that, from other voters. And sometimes when I’m catching up With other people at different events like outside, different campaign events that aren’t just for Donald Trump, they argue that, look, it’s hot. I think this is a hard trial for them to grasp in some respects because the optics around this trial as well, it’s obviously the first criminal trial That a former president has ever faced.

It’s unprecedented. And they recognize that point but they’re still unsure of whether or not that would change their overall opinion of Donald Trump. And that’s something I’ve been really trying to pay attention to a lot, to take a step back and see how is this actually playing with voters, Because we’re obviously, Erin, paying such close attention to this and all of the details of what is going on.

But I think a lot of America isn’t. And so it’s one good thing to keep in mind, particularly when you talk about the politics of this. Yeah.

And important. And David, You know, also the tweet itself, I’m sorry, whatever the post on to social issues. It said that it right.

The the the crooked or witch hunt day, whatever. Those are the words that are always used but this case is about the D. A.

. And just to be clear, obviously, Trump can say what he wants about the D. A.

and the judge that doesn’t violate The gag order. He has been, it appears, more careful in the past few days about things he’s been posting and saying. They’ve been specifically about the D.

A. and the judge. And now we know he didn’t care about $9,000.

Fine. But the judge said jail could be next. Do you think that from what you’re seeing, It appears that Trump is taking this seriously?

Yeah, I think you know that the president understands that he can listen. The one thing I think it bothers him is that he can’t punch back on Michael Cohen. Right.

He feels it’s unfair that Michael Cohen could go on social media 4 hours a day and kind of take a, You know, an ax to him and he can’t. Michael Cohen has said he’s not going to do that now. Well, let’s wait and see.

Right. Let’s wait and see. He was he was on it was on last night on social media.

So but you’re right, he can he can rail against a lot of things. And it’s Well within the it’s in the confines of the order and I think he’s he’s probably you know, he’s been it’s been explained to him. And I think he’s just going to he’ll continue down that path.

And to to the extent that the narrative continues, this feed that this is it’s lawfare just by, you know, Being continued against him. The tweets will continue in that in that vein, All right. Well, Elena, David, thank you both very much.

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