Biden breaks his silence on nationwide university protests

Biden breaks his silence on nationwide university protests

President Joe Biden speaks from the White House about the ongoing protests that have roiled college campuses across the country saying students and others have a right to voice dissent, but not breaking the law. #CNN #News


Biden Addresses Nationwide University Protests: Upholding American Principles

In a recent statement, President Joe Biden addressed the ongoing nationwide protests erupting on college campuses across the United States. His comments come amidst growing concerns about the balance between the right to peaceful protest and maintaining law and order on educational campuses.

Biden’s remarks underscored the importance of upholding fundamental American principles, including the rights to free speech and peaceful assembly, while also emphasizing the necessity of adhering to the rule of law. He emphasized that the United States is not an authoritarian nation that suppresses dissent but rather a country where the voices of its citizens are heard and respected.

The President made it clear that while peaceful protest is a cornerstone of American democracy, violence and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. He condemned acts of violence, vandalism, trespassing, property destruction, and intimidation, stating unequivocally that these actions are against the law and undermine the foundations of civil society.

Furthermore, Biden addressed concerns about the recent escalation of protests, particularly incidents involving threats against students and acts of anti-Semitism. He emphasized that there is no place for hate speech, violence, or discrimination on college campuses or anywhere in America.

The President’s comments come after days of unrest and clashes between protesters and law enforcement officers on various university campuses. The situation reached a critical point with incidents of violence prompting calls for action and clarity from the highest levels of government.

Critics had pointed out the delay in Biden’s response to the unrest, but his statement provided a clear and decisive stance on the issue. He reiterated his commitment to upholding the right to free speech while ensuring public safety and order.

Law enforcement agencies have been actively involved in addressing the protests, with recent actions taken to clear encampments and restore order on campuses. Despite some confrontations between protesters and officers, efforts are underway to peacefully resolve the situation and facilitate the cleanup process.

The President’s message serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between exercising individual rights and respecting the law, especially in times of social unrest. As the nation grapples with complex issues and differing viewpoints, Biden’s call for clarity and adherence to democratic principles resonates with many Americans seeking resolution and unity.

President Biden’s response to the nationwide university protests underscores the importance of upholding American values while addressing the challenges posed by civil unrest. As the nation navigates through these turbulent times, his leadership aims to restore order, promote dialogue, and uphold the principles of democracy.


Biden breaks his silence on nationwide university protests


Here’s President Obama a few mom about what’s going on on our college campuses here. We’ve all seen the images and they put to the test two fun American principles. Excuse me.

The first is the right to free s and for people to peacefully ass and make their voices heard. The second is the rule of law. Both must be upheld.

We are not an authoritarian nati where we silence people or squash dissent. The American people are heard. In fact, peaceful protest is in the best tradition of how Americans respond to consequential issues.

But but neither are we a lawless where a civil society and order must prevail. Throughout our history, we’ve often faced moments like t because we are a big, diverse, free thinking and freedom loving And moments like this are always who rush in to score political p But this isn’t a moment for poli It’s a moment for clarity. So let me be clear.

Peaceful protests in America. Violent protest is not protected Peaceful protest is. It’s against the law.

Violence occurs. Destroying property is not a peaceful protest. It’s against the law.

Vandalism. Trespassing. Breaking windows.

Shutting down campuses. Forcing the cancellation of clas and graduations. None of this is a peaceful prote Threatening people.

Intimidating people. Instilling fear in people is not peaceful protest. It’s against the law.

Dissent is essential to democrac But dissent must never lead to d or to denying the rights of othe so students can finish a semeste and their college education. Look, it’s basically a matter of fairness. It’s a matter of what’s right.

There’s the right to protest, but not the right to cause chaos People have the right to get an education. The right to get a degree. The right to walk across campus safely without fear of being attacked.

Let’s be clear about this as wel There should be no place on any no place in America for anti-Sem or threats of violence Against Jewish students. There is no place for hate speec or violence of any kind, whether it’s anti-Semitism, Isla or discrimination against Arab-A or Palestinian Americans. It’s simply wrong.

There’s no place for racism in A It’s all wrong. It’s un-American. I understand people have strong feelings And deep convictions in America.

We respect the right and protect the right for them to express that. But it doesn’t mean anything goe It needs to be done without viol without destruction, without hat and within the law, you know. Make no mistake.

As president, I will always do friend free spe and I will always be just as str standing up for the rule of law. That’s my responsibility to you. The American people.

My obligation to the Constitutio Thank you very much. Mr President, have the protests forced you to reconsider any of the policies with regard to the region? No.

Thank you. President, do you think the National Guard should intervene? No.

Mr President, we are calling for MrPresident, the former president. All right. President Biden giving some comments about the unrest we’ve seen on c campuses, talking about How these protests bring an odds to important American principles One, of course, the right of fre to demonstrate peacefully.

And the other one, of course, the right of students to feel safe and secure in an academic establishment. He did, on his way out of the room, also say that he didn’t think the Nationa should be Dispatched to college campuses, which, of course, has been going on in Texas for one, as well as other law enforcement in other states. Let’s talk a bit about this before we go back to the Trump t Dana Bash.

I know that there has been criti of President Biden for waiting Until today quite late in all of to give a statement. What were your thoughts? Yeah, we have heard from his spokespeo yesterday on the at the White House podium and the deputy press secretary before that, since the unrest really started.

But there have been calls not just from his political oppo But from his political supporter to go out and to say something that is that gives clarity and a very solid argument for what is and what is not okay. And it’s hard to imagine that an heard that and didn’t hear a very, very clear argument that, as you said, Jake you can be Somebody who opposes any policy and you should have the right. That is a fundamental right in the United States of America.

But you can’t intimidate you can’t do anything to stop pe from going to classes or from feeling unsafe. And it is it is complicated. It is something that is steeped in nuance, But it’s also something that a l can and should.

And I think probably in this case did be able to clarify and make easier to understand for the American people. That’s what a leader is supposed And let’s also be clear, We went way past nuance with the violence that we’ve seen the last two day I mean, break. And that is, I think, the distinction that President Biden was trying when breaking into the building at Columbia.

The images that we saw out of UC we were just showing some of them on the screens here There have been all these conver about these very. In many cases, terrible Signs and messages that have been on these college in terms of anti-Semitism. But the escalation in recent day I think, is clearly what motivated the president to come out Now, even after I will say every morning I have gotten up looking at the previous day.

What did the president say about Because I’ve been waking up And covering at five in the morn these protests breaking out on these college ca And the answer has always been until this afternoon. Well, no, here’s some paper, here’s some o camera comments from the adminis Clearly, they felt like they nee to finally say something. And I think you could really hea you know, For President Biden and Dan and you were talking about this we listen to him, you could hear the conviction in his voice in this speech.

So when you were doing your show this morning, Casey, 5 a. m. East Coast time is 2 a.

m. Pacific Time, and it was at 1 a. Pacific Time.

I believe that law enforcement Went into the encampment at the campus of UCLA in Los Ang to clear out the encampment ther which obviously is generally not and easy process. Josh Campbell is there, our law enforcement correspondent and a former FBI o looking at the well, that does not look ready for gra I’ll just say that Josh Campbell No, it certainly doesn’t. And, you know, after that clash that we saw last night with law enforcement here ultimately deciding that it was time to go in, they did this in steps.

They issued an unlawful assembly and then asked this crowd to dis And then they went in the Califo Highway Patrol. There were some skirmishes. We’ve talked to some of the officers inside who said that they had things that were thrown at them.

I saw one officer who was covered in the powder from a fire extinguisher, but no injuries being reported at this point. We are learning and I’ll I’ll tell you, as we kind of zoom In about what’s left here, you can see behind me there were 250 protesters approximately in this camp. That’s what the CHP tells us.

They brought in 250 officers of their own. So essentially one officer for one protester bringing all of those individual We are told that 132 of those pr were taken into place under arre We’re waiting to see what those charges actually are. Now, overnight, we started to get a sense that this was about to go down because they yesterday this gets you know, what the president’s point about lawful versus unlawful.

The university itself, up to the point of last night, didn ask the police to come in And actually clear this camp. But that all changed. We started seeing resources come We saw the FBI field office, which is about a mile from here, essentially turn into a staging point for dozens and dozens of law enforcement officers.

Multiple prisoner busses were br And as you mentioned, just aroun Time, we are a little earlier th But that was the time when they actually made entry into the actual camp itself, going in, conducting those arres Right now, it is really quiet where you’re I don’t know if you see in the background the but a line of LAPD officers just showed up along with private security For the university here and essentially did a complete s There were a few protesters that were still milling about. There was a standoff of sorts early this morning between the CHP and protesters on that perimeter. Then the CHP just left.

But now the officers are back th clearing that camp. The university tells us That this is the beginning of the cleanup process after a very, very tense several here, Jake. Yes.

And that’s usually, I should note, a beautiful spotl campus in and Los Angeles.

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